At Prestans Online Academy, we use a cutting-edge online video conferencing platform to put students in touch with incredible teachers on the other side of the world. We bring a customized online learning experience directly to the students on their time, in the comfort of their own home. When they choose Prestans, students receive a learning experience that is customized to their needs and puts them at the center of their education, setting them up for success in their future academic careers.


A personalized online experience

Prestans uses a premier web-based platform that allows us to connect with our students using HD video and high-quality audio. In this virtual classroom, our teachers work hard to create an interactive, engaging, and personalized learning experience.


Improving participation

Online tutoring increases student participation -- a key element of academic success in American schools. Students can often “hide” behind their more talkative classmates in traditional classrooms, but one-on-one and small group settings encourage students to engage with their teacher. In traditional classrooms, teachers often breeze through subjects without checking for universal student understanding, but with our small class sizes and screen-sharing technology, Prestans teachers can check students’ work immediately, ensuring they have a complete grasp of the material.


Extensive feedback

A key feature of the customized academic experience that we provide at Prestans is the amount and quality of feedback that students receive throughout their time working with us. From the initial consultation, after each class, and following the completion of every course, students receive detailed information from their teachers regarding their progress. This level of attention reflects Prestans care for and commitment to each student.


Individualized goals

When you register with Prestans Online Academy, you will be paired with one of our many talented teachers. Your teacher will design a course especially for you, to help you meet your individual academic needs. From short-term goals of improving specific skills to long-term goals related to test scores and studying abroad, our teachers are here to give you support and guidance on your academic path.

Prestans Online Academy pairs the best American independent school teachers with eager international students who leave our program prepared for academic success. That is the Prestans difference.