At Prestans Online Academy, we use a cutting-edge online teleconferencing platform to put students in touch with incredible teachers halfway around the world. Recent research has shown that online learning provides many advantages to students, including the ability to arrange their own scheduling. Read on to learn more about the benefits of online learning: 


A personalized HD experience

Prestans uses a premier web-based platform that allows us to connect with our students using HD video and high-quality audio. In order to ensure the best possible connection, we have developed a software specifically designed to support videoconferencing between the U.S. and China. Accessible from any web browser, our platform is optimized for online seminars and boasts a full suite of collaboration features to create an interactive, engaging, and personalized learning experience.

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Improving participation

Online tutoring increases student participation -- a key element of academic success in American schools. Students can often “hide” behind their more talkative classmates in traditional classrooms, but one-on-one and small group settings encourage students to engage with their teacher. In traditional classrooms, teachers often breeze through subjects without checking for universal student understanding, but with our small class sizes and screen-sharing technology, Prestans teachers can check students’ work immediately, ensuring they have a complete grasp of the material.



Our teleconferencing software allows our teachers to see their students while they work. This helps the teachers hold the students accountable and allows them to read and respond to their student’s expressions throughout the session.




Easy-to-use portal

When you register with Prestans Online Academy, you will have access to our easy-to-use, personalized online portal. Our portal makes enrolling in classes, selecting your schedule, and entering your online classroom a simple and intuitive experience. Students and their parents can also use the portal to track student progress, read teacher feedback, learn about the Prestans faculty’s professional experience, and explore other course offerings. With all of this important information in one place, it is easy for students and parents to stay up-to-date with and engaged in the student’s learning.

Prestans Online Academy pairs the best American independent school teachers with eager international students who leave our program prepared for academic success. That is the Prestans difference.