This intensive course will use an interleaving method in order to retain the most information possible in a way that will enhance theoretical understanding. The curriculum will be broken down into three strands (mechanics, electricity & magnetism, and test taking strategies) that will be covered during each lesson. In other words, students will review various physics topics for the first hour of each lesson, and the second half of the lesson will be used to learn and apply methodological approaches for successful test-taking. Starting in the second lesson, students will use the first ten to fifteen minutes of class applying what they learned in the prior session as retrieval exercises and strengthen the interleaving approach to learning. Thus, the main focus of this course centers on how to successfully apply the student’s physics knowledge to assessments such as the AP Physics C exam rather than what will be covered on the exam in order to instill confidence for success.

Course length: 20 hours

Session length: 2 hours