Prestans students work closely with current and former US boarding school faculty members -- teachers who know how to identify and assess the skills students need to succeed in American classrooms. Because of their expertise in this key area, comments from our teachers can provide compelling insights into a student’s academic abilities, as well as their attitude, effort, and capacity for growth.

Unfortunately, these honest assessments of a student capabilities are often missing from the application material international candidates submit to schools. As a result, admission teams cannot build comprehensive profiles of international applicants, while international students are unable to present the authentic version of themselves to schools.  

Prestans students have the unique opportunity to submit their Prestans student file as supplementary application material when they apply to American independent schools. These student files, built by our teachers at the completion of every course, provide unbiased insight into a student’s written and spoken English skills, their passion for learning, and their attitude in the classroom. Though the information in the file is based on the feedback students receive during the course, students cannot view the contents of the file.

Click here to learn how you can submit your Prestans student file to schools. 

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