Student Stories

Meet Our Global Community of Learners

Wilson F

Stationed overseas due to their family's commitment to US AID, Wilson relies on Prestans Online Academy to continue receiving a robust, independent school education, ensuring no disruption in their academic progress. Wilson enjoys connecting with students and teachers from around the globe and is excited to continue his journey as a musician, artist, and scholar at Prestans.


An ambitious and driven equestrian athlete, Sloan is leveraging Prestans Online Academy's flexible scheduled and accelerated program to graduate early. Sloan aims to explore the world during a gap year before pursuing her equestrian career at the collegiate level.

Jacob '24

After facing mental health challenges that led to an early departure from his boarding school, Jacob enrolled in Prestans Online Academy mid-year. Jacob gradually completed Grade 11 at a pace personally tailored to ensure success. With an increased ability to balance his academic life with his well-being, Jacob enrolled full-time at Prestans and will begin his college journey at Northeastern in the fall of 2024.

Jeremy, 16 | Student-Athlete (Hockey)

Jeremy joined Prestans after his sophomore year to pursue his hockey career more seriously. Playing in the BCHL, Prestans’ block schedule and learning model accommodate Jeremy’s rigorous training and game schedule without compromising quality education and human connection.

Emma, 17 | Aspiring Chef

Emma has a deep passion for the culinary arts and sought real-world experience in the hospitality industry. She found traditional schooling restrictive and was eager to work part-time in a restaurant. Prestans Online Academy's flexible schedule allowed her to balance her studies with practical, hands-on experience in the kitchen, paving the way for a successful career in hospitality.

Liam, 15 | Seeking a supportive environment

After facing social pressures and bullying, Liam looked for an educational setting that was more accommodating and less stressful. Prestans Online Academy provides Liam with a safe, supportive online environment where he can focus on his studies and personal growth while continuing his passion for community service.