Why Prestans

Students learn more from people they trust, admire, and are inspired by. Thus synchronous instruction with an experienced educator is essential for maximizing student learning.

Testimonials About The Prestans' Difference from Students

Personalized Learning Approach

Through consistent dialogue with teachers, Prestans’ students have the opportunity to take control of their learning journey. This process begins during enrollment, as the Prestans team works closely with families to identify a variety of courses and topics that students are passionate about. Our classes are alive with wonder, curiosity, introspection, and meaningful engagement. Through critical and creative thinking, collaborative discourse, and dynamic learning opportunities, Prestans Online Academy empowers students to shape their learning.

Engaging and Expert Teachers Who Care

Great Education systems don’t just invest in gifted and talented students. They bring out the best in all students. Top schools create opportunities for teachers to specialize in their students–not only their subjects. Deeper relationships unlock hidden potential.

Adam Grant

Optimized Learning Model

Students learn best from a diversity of viewpoints and perspectives. At Prestans, students engage in conversations with a motivating mentor and curious classmates two times a week. This consistent dialogue pushes student learning and understanding forward. Students also engage in robust learning activities, lessons, and assessments. Our synchronous environment and focus on process-based grading allow for continuous feedback and reflection, essential parts of learning.

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