Credit Continuation

Designed for students, typically on a leave of absence from their principal school, who require short-term, credit-bearing courses.

These programs are highly customized with one-on-one or small-group instruction. Students can enroll anytime within the year, based on their needs.

Increasingly more students are taking a leave of absence from their school community for prolonged periods to pursue a passion or care for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Extended separations from campus are challenging for the student, the family, and the school. Partnering with Prestans minimizes this disruption. Prestans works collaboratively with partner schools to ensure students are enrolled in a supportive and customized academic program. Prestans’ focus is to provide a supportive transition that ensures students continue to learn while they are away from school.


We have been working with Prestans Online Academy for several years as we seek to support students who are away from campus for an extended time for a host of reasons. Prestans’ customer service, support structures, and ability to get to know both our students and our curricular objectives have been amazing. They have allowed almost seamless academic continuity for our students, and our families have thanked us for this referral every time. They have created a highly effective solution to a challenging problem schools have been facing for some time. We will continue to engage with Prestans and would encourage any school looking for a solution to this issue to see how they might be able to help.

Tim Richards, Head of School at Pomfret School