About Our Academics

School student connecting to an online class on a laptop, smiling.

1. Block System

We utilize a block system that allows students to focus on 2-3 courses at a time. This model ensures greater flexibility, reduces stress and screen time, and maximizes student learning by reducing the typical overload of taking all courses at once.

Meet Paige S

Meet Paige S., a forward-thinking student at Prestans Online Academy with a passion for business and the hospitality industry. Embracing a blend of academic rigor and real-world experience, Paige has skillfully balanced her studies while gaining invaluable insights working at a local cafe.

Paige's Schedule

9:00amSpanish 4 Spanish 4  
10:00am Calculus Calculus 
12:00pmUS Govt. Advisory
(30 minutes)
 US Govt.
1:00pm Extra help Extra help 
2:00pmAfternoons/evenings free for Paige's work in the cafe

School student connecting to an online class on a laptop at home.

2. Bi-Weekly Synchronous Class Sessions

We believe in the power of synchronous learning in a small group setting. Each class contains no more than five students, which ensures personalized attention and a highly interactive educational experience. This small class size fosters a closer connection between students and instructors, enhancing engagement and support, which are essential to maximizing student learning.

Synchronous classes at Prestans Online Academy

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3. Asynchronous Course Material

Prestans Online Academy offers rich asynchronous course materials to complement our synchronous sessions. These resources are carefully curated on Canvas LMS to deepen understanding and reinforce the concepts discussed during live classes. This dual approach ensures students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace while benefiting from the structure and real-time feedback of synchronous education.

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