Summer Programs

During the summer months, students engage with Prestans Online Academy in a variety of ways, each tailored to meet their specific academic needs and goals.

These options help students accelerate their studies, complete necessary coursework, or strengthen foundational knowledge.

  • Acceleration Courses: For students looking to advance in specific subjects, we offer credit-bearing courses over the summer. Students are able to complete core subjects like Geometry or Algebra 2, positioning them to move ahead during the next academic year.
  • Completion Courses: We provide courses for students needing to finish their final trimester or semester of the academic year. These courses offer a crucial catch-up opportunity to ensure students are on track with their academic goals.
  • Tutoring and Enrichment: To prepare students for success in the upcoming school year, our summer program includes tutoring and enrichment opportunities. These sessions reinforce knowledge and skills and preview upcoming course material, setting a solid foundation for future learning.